Film & TV Hire


Film and Television Hire


Our society is available for Hire for your Film, TV, Photo Shoot and Promotions. We are familiar with both live action and green screen productions for large and small screen. We have worked for clients such as "The History channel", National Geographic and major film production companies. As we are booked well in advance to avoid disapointment please contact us well ahead of your project as we are normally working on a number of productions at any one time.

German "Walk On`s/Supporting Artists


The 21.Infanterie Living History society are able to supply a full German Infantry Unit, Our aim is to portray the average Wehrmacht (Heer) soldier from the period and all that goes with the solder in the field, from food and rations to letters home etc..

Our group is available all year round and offer a genuine German Soldier & Officer impression from WW2. Our impression is based from 1942-1945 but can offer an early second world war impression, 1939-41 upon request.

German Military uniforms


Due to our vast membership we have a huge inventory when it comes to uniforms.


We can supply a number of different German WW2 impressions from Infantrymen, Officers, Generals, Panzer Crew, Radio operators, Cook, SS Soldiers, chaplins and even Uboat commanders and crew.

German WW2 Vehicle Hire


In addition, we are able to supply a number of Vehicles.


All vehicles are available for film and TV work and can be supplied with a driver and crew.



All avaiable vehicles can be found in our Z-Card gallery.

21.Infanterie feature films coming soon

Additional German WW2 Equipment Hire


Our society can also provide a number of trailed equipment items. These can be pulled by our Citroen U23 truck or used in a stand-alone role.

We also have an extensive equipment list from a sentry box to anti-tank guns. Please visit our Z-Card gallery for these items.

All Subject to availability and other commitments.

"Hurricane 303 "our latest feature film production

Hurricane (Squadron 303) is the story of a group of brave Poles who fought in the skies over England in WW2, not just to keep Great Britain free from the Nazis, but also to keep alive the very idea of their own country, which had existed in its modern form for barely twenty years before it was crushed between the opposing jaws of Germany and Russia. Equipped with the almost-obsolete Hurricane and (with some initial reluctance) given RAF blue uniforms, while they fought, Poland lived.

In post-war England, journalist Stephen Underwood is keen to prove his worth. Working for a local newspaper he spends his days covering weddings and funerals while on the lookout for a story that will catapult him into the big league. When he hears of the suicide of a Polish soldier from a nearby Displaced Persons Camp, his journalistic instincts kick in.

The below is just a small sample of our current productions. We are involved in many other productions and projects. Due to NDA's these will be added in due course.

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For more details please do not hesitate to contact us via simply filling out the form on this page for details and our availability.


By using the 21.Infanterie for your production you will get a German soldier who comes fully equipped and uninformed, with weapons included, and technically accurate.

Our vehicles also come complete with all relevant accessories associated with each vehicle including correct crew uniform.

Note-The 21st Infantry Division Eastern Front Living History Group portrays members of the Wehrmacht & Soviet Red Army from WW2, and does so in the interest of historical reality and inclusion, rather than for any political motivation or cause. We are Historians first and foremost, and focused only on providing as realistic an approach to studying the conflict as possible. The 21st Infantry Division Eastern Front Living History Group respectfully requests any neo-Nazi/extremist groups to please look elsewhere for an audience, as we are NOT interested.

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