Starting out in the hobby can be quite daunting for most so we try to ease new members into our group by firstly encouraging them to join our lively forum to get chatting with fellow members and then either meet some of the group at our home base in Bushy or our next available event. We are constantly expanding our membership, and are always on the lookout for new recruits or experienced reenactors. Our members are located from all over the UK.






What do we do?

We are a late war 1944-1945 Wehrmacht eastern front living history society.

Who do we do it for?

We are a resident society at the 1940s experience museum Bushey,Herts. We also attend WW2 events within the UK and as well as take part in both WW2 Film and TV work as supporting actors.

When do we do it?

Our society is busy all year round with events held on a monthly basis.

Who can join our group?

We are open to anyone from 16yrs upwards and who has an interest in WW2 from armchair enthusiasts to hobbyists and collectors who share the same interest in WW2 History!.

How do you join our group?

Simply contact us via our website link here.

Note-The 21st Infantry Division Eastern Front Living History Group portrays members of the Wehrmacht & Soviet Red Army from WW2, and does so in the interest of historical reality and inclusion, rather than for any political motivation or cause. We are Historians first and foremost, and focused only on providing as realistic an approach to studying the conflict as possible. The 21st Infantry Division Eastern Front Living History Group respectfully requests any neo-Nazi/extremist groups to please look elsewhere for an audience, as we are NOT interested.

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