We are a UK based German ww2 reenactment & living history society.


Our membership is a collection of WWII historians and German vehicle enthusiasts that endeavour to keep the memories, sights, sounds, and smells of the late war 1944-1945 period alive.

Our society portrays  the German 21st Infanterie Division  which fought on the eastern front during WW2

Our impression and historical study is based around the extensive battles in Baltic regions and the battle for East Prussia 1944-1945


We specialise in period Film & TV WW2 productions and have worked with clients such as National Geographic and  The History channel  along with major film production companies.

Our members are all members of the All Fronts Re-enactment Association (AFRA), which provides benefits such as valid TPPLI  and other relevant insurances along with current up to date information and support from the UK home office.

New members are always welcome, and we can provide advice and assistance to help you organise your impression, we even have a group uniform kit-pool to get you involvedwith our society at no cost.

21. Infanterie WW2 Historical society in action 2021


Wartime Productions was initially set up as the professional film & TV service of the 21. Infanterie WW2 Historical society and has since grown into a WW2 production network of some of the best UK based WW2 production suppliers. Run by myself (David Forde) I also organise the 21. Infanterie WW2 Historical society.

Over the past decade, our services have been called upon to partake in numerous film and TV productions mainly as extras but also some prestigious productions along with even music videos and TV advertisements.

Wartime productions can offer both WW2 uniforms and supporting artists for your film/TV production along with wartime vehicles and equipment for hire through an exclusive connection with trusted associates via Wartime Productions UK network.