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Joining the 21.Infanterie-Division


The entry age for our society is 18yrs with no age upper limit.    Not only do we attend public events and private battles through the year we are fortunate enough to have 2 locations that we use all year round. The first is just on the outskirts of London in Bushey, Hertfordshire at the site of the WW2 operational HQ of the USAAF 8th Fighter Command. The second is a private rural location in the midlands where our full-size eastern trench network is located.

The  21. Infanterie Division  Living History Group has a unique program to introduce young historians into the reenactment world early.

We attend around 6-8 public events per year but between these, we will also have meet-ups at our Base in Bushy, Herts. You can be as active as you wish with many group projects always on the go all members help out when they can but it's sole down to the individual how much time he can spare in the hobby.

The group does not have an age cap buy in keeping with the impression we do ask for members to be physically fit as battle reenactments can be very demanding and members do need to be quick on their feet when necessary.

Our membership is drawn from all over the UK such as Hampshire, Surrey, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, West Midlands, Staffordshire, Lincolnshire and  Northumberland.

Becoming a member can take as long as you like from days to months depending on your availability. With 21. Infanterie being an all year group our next event is ever only a few weeks away and we are always happy to loan new members kit until they have purchased their own via our uniform/kit pool.

For details on becoming a member of the 21st Infantry fill in our online application form and our dedicated membership team will then get in touch and talk you through the process of becoming a member.


Membership Benefits

  • Membership of the group runs from January to December each year.
  • Take part in up to ten WW2 Public events every year(April-Oct).
  • Be a part of our Living History display at Bushy Hall Museum Herts.
  • Work with prestigious clients including English Heritage & National trust.
  • Participate in WW2 battle re-enactments.
  • Join our soviet sub-group "44th Guard Division RKKA"
  • Participate in unique Living history/Private battle weekends.
  • Learn period drill,field-craft & tactics.
  • The opportunity to participate in WW2  film/TV as supporting artists.
  • Access to the group’s very busy members section of our forum & Facebook members’ page.
  • Help & advice with kit for the first year with our unique “Group kit pool” and new member buddy scheme.
  • A chance to get involved with the restoration of vehicles and display props construction.
  • An opportunity to work your way up the ranks via our group awards & promotion scheme.
  • Join our Group WW2 Airsoft Clan.
  • Public Liability insurance through the All Fronts Re-enactment Association (AFRA)

Uniform & Kit

We know unless you are 100% sure this is the hobby for you to gather together your kit can work out expensive but we can help you get kitted out for your first event in either German or Soviet via our group uniform pool, for those who have not doubts about joining up we can recommend our uniform supplier to give you a great discount.

FINALLY - take 5 or 6 months and attend as many events as you can manage with whoever you choose to go with and you will find that having the above gear allows you to tweak and tailor and add to your impression - the Learning Process will kick in and you will get much better results.


Own a German wartime vehicle? We actively encourage vehicle owners to join our group,

We have a number of enthusiastic vehicle owners within our membership who in addition to our group membership are members of their local MVT

If you are interested in seeing what it was like to live and fight in World War II as a German soldier fill out our online application form today and we will get back to you with details on becoming a member.

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