Wartime Productions specialises in providing top-quality German WW2 vehicles, equipment and props for your production along with in-depth research and authenticity, We can also provide a selection of Allied impressions such as British Army Officer, RAF officer and Royal Navy upon request.

Here at Wartime Productions we are extremely passionate about WW2 film and TV production and can offer both uniforms and supporting artists for your film/TV production along with WW2 vehicles and equipment for hire through our own in-house inventory alongside our exclusive connections with trusted associates of some of the finest WW2 enthusiasts and professionals in the UK via Wartime Productions network.

Acting as a WW2 fixer we can provide a range of services from WW2 Infantry, vehicles, weapons, equipment and props hire for live events, Film, TV and photography.

Wartime Productions can offer a range of services for your film or TV production through our exclusive connection with trusted associates via Wartime Productions UK network. 

We are familiar with both live-action and green screen productions, for both the large and small screen. We have extensive experience and have worked for clients such as The History Channel, National Geographic along with other film production companies.

 We can help your production and take the hassle out of sourcing uniforms, vehicles and other items of kit and props via our extensive network in the UK. If Wartime Productions doesn't have it chances are we know someone who has!

Wartime Productions prides its self in being totally 100% self-sufficient when it comes to supplying uniformed supporting artists in period costumes.

Our aim is to take the hassle out of Production casting to supply supporting artists along with correct uniforms and related props. This not only saves our clients time but offers a historically accurate portrayal of your production without the need for lengthy research.

We can offer both young and old SA's depending on the production along with the requested uniform. We also can provide all the smaller props to accompany each impression such as  Weapons (props), full kit, and other hand-held items such as binoculars/briefcases, etc.

We are both experienced living historians, as well as seasoned SA's and, are well used to performing in front of the camera.

Wartime Productions can offer a selection on both original and replica WW2 vehicles for hire and equipment. 

All our vehicles are available and come complete with driver and crew in authentic period uniform along with relevant props and equipment.

Depending on your production we can also supply vehicles and equipment in various period-correct paint schemes to fit the timeline of your production.

We are constantly involved with various productions and operate an extremely busy schedule as we are booked well in advance, so, in order to avoid disappointment, please contact us well ahead of your project start date, as it is likely that we are constantly working on a number of productions at any one time.

For any further information please contact us here and we will get straight back to you.

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