Our portrayal…

German Infanterie

The group's impression is based upon the 21.Infanterie division which fought on the eastern from 1941. Our impression is based on the late war timeline of 1944 - 1945 which saw the 21st battle from the gates of Leningrad down through the baltic states of Estonia,Latvia & Lithuania to the final battle ground of East prussia.

Our infantry impression covers standard infantry roles such as standard riflemen, MG, Mortar, Panzershreck & Pak 36 teams. Drivers, Sani(First aiders), Motorcycle riders and flak gun crew. We also have a section of infantry who operate the groups Gulaschkanone (Field kitchen). Our Neberwerfer is manned by our Pionier section. Finally our Officers and frontline radio section provides the group with a forward HQ for display.

Alongside our infantry impression we also have a "Pionier" unit which members can join.

Although our sub group, our Pioniere pack a punch with their variety of weapons and the famous Nebelwerfer 41 rocket launcher.

New members have the opportunity to become a member of our "Pionier unit" or our primary "Infantry" unit.